[aquaria] patch to load the ingredients.txt from a mod

Joël Fivat joelfivat at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 3 07:25:02 EDT 2010

If Aquaria is playing a mod, try to load the file "ingredients.txt"
in the mod first, then load the main ingredients file if nothing has been loaded


This is my first patch, first time I do this, so please double check that I have done everything right. I know I forgot to put a title, I hope it is ok.

Questions : 

- do I only send the patch by e-mail, or do I push it also to the central repository ?
- do I need to get the last code changes (pull) before I make a modification to the code and submit a patch ? Because it is messing up my environment.
- are there other things I need to do with this code change ?
- is someone testing/reviewing the changes ?
- when can we expect a release ?
- anything else I would need to know ?

Thanks a lot !

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