[aquaria] [patch] Load ingredients.txt in a mod

False.Genesis false.genesis at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 7 14:45:17 EST 2011

>> To prevent incompatibilities between the iPad and Icculus version:
>> Andrew, you mentioned you implemented world maps for mods in the iPad
>> version. What's the path where you look up worldmap.txt? In data/, or
>> the mod's root folder?
>> Because in my patches all misc stuff like this goes into data/... I'd
>> make another patch if necessary, that changes the paths.
> I have it looking in the root folder, mainly to keep compatibility with
> 1.1.3 mods which put data files in the root folder as well.  I agree it
> would be cleaner to exactly mirror the structure of the game data (e.g.
> data files in data/, "gfx" instead of "graphics"), but I don't think
> it's worth breaking compatibility just to clean that up.

So, here's a little patch that does exactly that - hope everything is 
path-compatible to your code now.

Ryan, do you want me to prepare a clean patch roundup for the patches 
waiting here? My win32 compat patchset is a bit messy... or will you 
manage? ;)

Btw, the commit history is also at 
https://github.com/fgenesis/Aquaria_clean for most of the patches 
waiting in the queue (there's a few double reverts because i was 
cleaning up patches);
and whoever is interested, there's another repo at 
https://github.com/fgenesis/Aquaria_experimental with a lot more messy 
stuff including my work on the mod selector, container files, VFS, HTTP 
and misc other stuff i haven't (yet) bothered cleaning up - mainly 
because i am waiting for the iPad code, to continue on that instead. 
(will fix linux/mac build for the 2nd repo when i have the time, though)
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