[aquaria] Loading treasures.txt from a mod

Kasoroth kasoroth at concordant-opposition.net
Thu May 5 02:08:51 EDT 2011

Sorry I never followed up on this.  Actually I looked at a few things 
and it looks like pets should be fine as they are.  They already add 
slots as necessary, though it just adds more slots on a single page, so 
with a very large number of pets the circle might get pretty crowded.

songs.xml was already loadable from the mod (though it looks in the 
scripts subdirectory of the mod, but the data directory of the main 
game).  The mod's songs.xml file is loaded in addition to the regular 
one, not instead of it.  This is probably because the song effects for 
the standard songs are hard coded into the Continuity::castSong function.

The actions of mod added songs are handled by songs.lua.  I haven't 
taken a close enough look to see how difficult it would be to move the 
standard song actions to the lua script as well.  That would allow mods 
to change or remove standard songs, but for now I think it should be 
fine to leave this as it is.


On 05/03/2011 09:15 PM, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
>> I haven't done anything yet to deal with any side effects of modifying
>> these files yet (multiple pages of pets, etc), but I'll try to look at
>> that tomorrow.
> I didn't hear more about this patch...was there more you wanted to do
> with it, still?
> --ryan.
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