[aquaria] crash :/

Mathias Panzenböck grosser.meister.morti at gmx.net
Tue Apr 26 13:54:52 EDT 2011

On 04/26/2011 07:03 PM, Andrew Church wrote:
>> So all IngrediantData* fields should be replaced with std::string fields?
> With respect to the food holders, yes.  (I don't want to comment on other
> uses of IngredientData at the moment since I haven't checked them in
> detail.)  Then you'd have a lookup call in each function that currently
> dereferences the stored pointer.
>> When I cook something else and then combine two leaves twice I couldn't reproduce the crash myself.
>> I guess I have found a certain inventory state that shows this behaviour by accident. I attached the
>> save state that causes the problem. Just immediately open the cooking menu and combine two leaves twice.
> Thanks!  I confirmed the crash here -- it looks like the cause in this
> case is that the first action on the inventory is cooking a new item,
> which causes the push_back() call to expand (and thus reallocate) the
> inventory array.

Exactly. However, there are also other methods that change the array in which the IngredientData 
instances are stored (e.g. sort them) and thus invalidate all the pointers to IngredientData 
objects. Using a smart pointer I simply eliminated the problem without having to understand much of 
the code. :) I just ensured that copies of the IngredientData instances are made where it was 
explicitly done before. This happens in 2 places in Aquaria/Continuity.cpp:
In Continuity::loadFile where Continuity::pickupIngredient is called and again in 
Continuity::pickupIngredient itself. I emulated this behaviour using code equivalent to:
SmartPtr<IngredientData> data = new IngredientData(*d);

I guess that the only place where a copy should be made is when a IngredientData gets from 
Continuity::ingredientData to Continuity::ingredients?

Also I guess that the signature of a lot (but not all) of methods that currently have a 
`IngredientData*` (or `const IngredientDataPtr&` in my version) parameter should be changed to 
`const std::string&` as well?

Here I compiled a list of where I used IngredientDataPtr[1]. Note that all of these classes hold 
pointers to IngredientData instances. For the usage in combination with std::vector it before where 
direct instances. Please mark where it should be a std::string and where it should be a direct 
instance. Basically say which class(es) should be the owner(s) of IngredientData instances. I 
suspect Continuity, because it is the only class where IngredientData instances are created. They 
are updated in other classes as well, though.

[1] typedef SmartPtr<IngredientData> IngredientDataPtr;

There are other places where IngredientData* is used and I didn't change the usage, because the 
pointers are only used during one method invocation and are not changed or stored anywhere (e.g. 
Continuity::getIEString). In these cases I thing it would be better to use `const IngredientData&`, 
because it makes it clear that the ingredient data will not be changed and no reference will be 
stored anywhere.

With according instructions I'll make the changes.

   IngredientDataPtr data

   IngredientDataPtr data
   Ingredient(const Vector &pos, const IngredientDataPtr &data, int amount=1)
   IngredientDataPtr getIngredientData()

   IngredientDataPtr ingredient
   IngredientDataPtr lastIngredient
   IngredientDataPtr getIngredient()

   IngredientDataPtr foodHolderIngredient
   void setIngredient(const IngredientDataPtr &i, bool effects=true)
   IngredientDataPtr getIngredient()

   std::vector<IngredientDataPtr> cookList
   void spawnIngredientFromEntity(Entity *ent, const IngredientDataPtr &data)
   Recipe *findRecipe(const std::vector<IngredientDataPtr> &list)
   void pickupIngredientEffects(const IngredientDataPtr &data)

   IngredientDataPtr ingredientData

   std::vector<IngredientDataPtr> ingredientData
   std::vector<IngredientDataPtr> ingredients
   bool isIngredientFull(const IngredientDataPtr &data)
   bool pickupIngredient(const IngredientDataPtr &i, bool effects=true)
   IngredientDataPtr getIngredientHeldByName(const std::string &name)
   IngredientDataPtr getIngredientDataByName(const std::string &name)
   IngredientDataPtr getIngredientByIndex(int idx)
   IngredientDataPtr getIngredientDataByIndex(int idx)


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