[aquaria] Minor improvements suggestions

breversa breversa at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 16:10:15 EDT 2010

Here are some toughts about gameplay improvements :

- Tweak the cooking interface to be able to cook several dishes at a time.

This could be achieved by adding a "+" and "-" buttons next to the
result of the cooking to select the number of dishes to cook. Of
course, the maximum would be equal to the smallest amount of needed

Example :
If you have 6 eggs and 3 fish oils, you could only make a maximum of 3
sea cakes a time.

- Slightly tweak the minimap so that the white or red circles are
shown as (small) direction arrows, unless the corresponding
exit/crystal is "within range" of the minimap.

I've seen new players get confused by a red circle they tought was
near, while it was in fact at the other end of the area. If they had
seen an arrow (or anything else), they would have tought "Alright,
there's a save crystal in this direction, but it may be very far, so
let's not rush there carelessly", while the circle provoqued a
confusing "Am I there yet ?" feeling while looking for it.

- More than 2 pyramid markers colours in the map ?

- Still in the map screen : displaying visited/unvisited zones in
unselected areas (like in selected area, but of course in dimmer

- Lastly, a kind of log of narrations would prevent those "Now, what
was I supposed to do ?", or "What did Mithala tell me again ?"
moments, especially if you stopped playing for quite a time (several
days, weeks, months...).

What do you think about these ?


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