[aquaria] Windows compilation help

Andrea Palmatè andrea at amigasoft.net
Sat Jun 19 04:34:31 EDT 2010

I think there is a problem on Windows sice the file you are linking is  
called Aquaria, but there is already a dir with that name.. so you  
have to change the file name
If there are other errors please post them here

Il giorno 19/giu/10, alle ore 06:01, KTP ha scritto:

> Hello,
> I'm not really familiar with any of the tools involved here, and I  
> haven't gotten a complete compile yet.  I've gotten to linking, then  
> it fails.  I suspect I don't have my cmake options set correctly  
> when I configure and generate the MinGW makefile.
> Can someone who is knowledgeable about these things run down what  
> the cmake options should be set to?  I think, for example, that I  
> might not be specifying the right things for OpenAL and SDL.
> So any basic information on what should be there and what the  
> options should look like when I'm generating the makefile would be  
> great.
> Thanks
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