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Andrea Palmatè andrea at amigasoft.net
Thu Jun 17 07:30:14 EDT 2010

Il 17/06/2010 13.02, Andrew Church ha scritto:

> I'm afraid I can't offer any suggestions for that beyond what Ryan has
> already said: try disabling the framebuffer effects -- you may have
Eheh.. no prob.. i like this kind of problems.. ;)
> better luck if you remove the BBGE_BUILD_FRAMEBUFFER define entirely
> when you build, though of course that would prevent anyone with a
> functional framebuffer extension from making use of it with your binary.
I've already tried but is the same. I don't understand whiy if i click 
for example to "exit game" (yes i can click even if i don't see it..) 
the popup window with "Are you sure" is shown (with its enlarging effect).
So, the object are loaded correclty from disk since i have a tool that 
examine all file calls and i've seen that for example the menu2.png is 
loaded correctly (it try first to load the filw ithout png extension and 
then attach the extension)
I don't understand the strange effect that is present on the game (see 
my second screenshot). It seems like there is a "layer" on top of the 
game screen that avoid to show the game..

> Beyond that, you'll probably have to dive into the actual rendering code
> and insert some test GL calls to locate the problem.
But where? i'm trying to follow the flow that starts to ::addTexture but 
is not so simply..


*Andrea Palmatè*

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