[aquaria] button state at map switch

Andrew Church achurch+aquaria at achurch.org
Thu Jun 17 11:27:04 EDT 2010

>I think it would be ok when the button state would be queried when a new map is entered and if the 
>fire button is held a new charge up happens. I might have some time next week (starting Tuesday) to 
>look into it. Any hints on where (in which classes) I should start looking would be appreciated. :)

Well, all Naija handling is in Aquaria/Avatar.cpp; charging in particular
looks to be handled by Avatar::startCharge().  Probably what you'd want
to do is query the current charge state before switching scenes (I'm not
too familiar with that logic yet, but maybe take a look at
Game::transitionToScene() as a starting point), then restore the charge
state when the new Avatar instance is created in the new scene.

>OT: I finally got to the place where you meet Li. I already needed to look at a game guide twice to 
>get this far. :/

Patience, patience. (:  A lot of times, the solution to a puzzle is the
one thing you think "nah, it couldn't be that", so try everything.
I can confirm that it's completable without touching a FAQ, so good luck!

  --Andrew Church
    achurch at achurch.org

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