[aquaria] button state at map switch

Mathias Panzenböck grosser.meister.morti at gmx.net
Wed Jun 16 21:56:50 EDT 2010

For me there is only one bug left in aquaria (that is not caused by PulseAudio):
When you swim from one map into another the button state (or its effects) get forgotten. So even if 
you keep holding the fire button there is no charge up anymore on the new map. You'd need to release 
the button and start charging up again. This often surprises me when I then released the button and 
I didn't shoot.

I think it would be ok when the button state would be queried when a new map is entered and if the 
fire button is held a new charge up happens. I might have some time next week (starting Tuesday) to 
look into it. Any hints on where (in which classes) I should start looking would be appreciated. :)

OT: I finally got to the place where you meet Li. I already needed to look at a game guide twice to 
get this far. :/


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