[aquaria] Aquaria port for OS4 PPC

Andrea Palmatè andrea at amigasoft.net
Wed Jun 16 12:46:19 EDT 2010

Il 15/06/2010 4.06, Ryan C. Gordon ha scritto:
>> But there is a problem with textures since when the game starts 
>> nothing is displayed on the menu except for the shining circle mouse 
>> pointer and the aquaria version number. All is black and this seems a 
>> wrong texture loading (or blitting)
> I wonder if you have buggy framebuffer_object support.
> Go find ~/.Aquaria/preferences/usersettings.xml, and then 
> 'fbuffer="1"' in there...make that 1 a 0.
> Make sure you get the .xml file that the game writes to your home 
> directory on the first run. If you change the version that is in the 
> game's install dir, it won't do anything.

There is something that is not working correctly.
Look what i mean.
Here there are two screenshots of the game:


the second one is the game that has started. If you see all is black. Is 
the same thing when i run the game and the menu should appear. I can 
click on elements. But all is black. But if i click on "Load Game" for 
example, the window that allow to load the game is shown correctly. same 
for the options window.
I've also tried to compile it without BBGE_BUILD_FRAMEBUFFER but is the 


*Andrea Palmatè*

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