[aquaria] Aquaria compiled !

Joël Fivat joelfivat at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 15 15:39:42 EDT 2010

Yay ! I finally managed to compile Aquaria (VC++ 2010 on Windows 7) !  I compiled zlib successfully with a few edits, and did add the linking for zlib/AL/SDL libs in the project.

I tried both Debug and Release mode, I don't have much frame rate with the debug mode, but a nice 60 fps in release.

There is just one problem, I don't have the mouse clicks and keyboard while playing, I can move, but can't sing, burst, hit escape, etc. But in a mod I can use tab to go in mod editor. I think it is related to the fact I had to #undef INPUT_MOUSE and INPUT_KEYBOARD in DSD.h, so this would compile :

enum InputMode
    INPUT_MOUSE        = 0,
    INPUT_JOYSTICK    = 1,

But I can't find where INPUT_MOUSE and INPUT_KEYBOARD are defined elsewhere...

Well, it is great it compiles anyway !

I plan to try some modifications on the mod editor and add some modding capabilities, like being able to create custom ingredients.

Thanks for your help !

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