[aquaria] New beta build!

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Sun Jan 10 13:41:09 EST 2010

New build!

This build expires in seven days, on January 17th.


Please uninstall the previous build before installing the new one:


Fixes over previous build:
- Changed OpenAL code to output through SDL, which hopefully will solve 
most of the problems with Pulse/ALSA/OSS/etc.
- Updated MojoSetup, OpenAL-Soft, and SDL to the latest in revision control.
- Fixed random screen flickering where the game thought it was losing 
window focus.
- Added support for achievements.
- Fixed broken title images in mod selection menu.
- Fixed loading files with wrong case...this fixes many things, such as 
the Sun Temple crystal, the Krotite in The Body, other strange 
behaviour, etc.
- Screenshots now write to ~/.Aquaria/screenshots (ctrl-alt-p or 
PrintScreen to take a screenshot).
- Game now tries 800x600 if it can't set the desired video resolution on 
startup. If that fails, too, it tries 800x600 in windowed mode before 
giving up.
- Fixed various crashes in sound code.
- Enabled joystick support by default (you'll have to edit 
~/.Aquaria/preferences/usersettings.xml if you ran the previous build 
and want joystick support enabled).

There are still bugs open in Bugzilla. If you didn't see your fix here, 
I'm probably still working on it. I will probably do one more build 
after this one to catch the rest of the things.

Notes on achievements:

So it annoyed me that we don't get the Steam Achievements for Aquaria, 
so I added in a rough equivalent. This doesn't change a great deal, it 
doesn't go on any permanent record (beyond $HOME/.Aquaria, I mean)...it 
just gives you bragging rights. It's also, I've found, a good way to 
know you really did squeeze every bit of content out of the game; you 
can beat Aquaria and only unlock around 8 of the 27 achievements...you 
might find there's a whole lot of game you just never saw.

The list of achievements and their descriptions (which contain minor 
spoilers, btw!), are at the bottom of the help screen (press 'H' or the 
question mark icon in the menu to bring it up). It'll tell you which you 
achieved and which are still locked. You'll get a notification when you 
unlock a new achievement, too.

For those already progressing through the game: about half of the 
achievements will unlock immediately when you load your save game, if 
you've already accomplished them. Some examples are "Explorer," "Passed 
Through," "Romance," and "Divorce."

The following achievements trigger as you accomplish them, so if you 
already did these things, you'll have to do them again with the new 
build to get the achievement to unlock. In most cases, you just have to 
go back to the right area, although a few will need you to redo some feat.

A New Chapter...
Dance of the Forest Sprites
Weird Fish
North Pole
Combo Eater
No Escape
High Dive
Monkey Flinger


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