[aquaria] A few thoughts

Mason Staugler mason at staugler.net
Thu Feb 11 15:36:29 EST 2010

> The description of the dual form states that by correctly coordinating both
> sides, a devastating attack can be unleashed.  However, I can't figure out
> how this works.  The blue side is able to charge and fire a rather powerful
> looking attack alone, while the red side seems to lack any power whatsoever.
>  I tried charging on one side, switching to the other and releasing - both
> ways - but that didn't make any difference. Is there a bug or am I just
> missing something?

It actually took me forever to even figure out that the blue side had
an attack. If you kill a certain number of enemies with blue you'll
see some glowing around your face and the red side is ready to attack
when you flip sides. (It's also a powered attack.)

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