[aquaria] Scenario colision detection issues in achurch.org hg/aquaria tip

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh hmh+aquaria at hmh.eng.br
Fri Dec 31 06:54:20 EST 2010

On Fri, 31 Dec 2010, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> >collisions are calculated by reading the texture data with glGetTexImage(),
> That sound you hear is a dozen Apple OpenGL engineers' heads exploding.   :)

And ATI's.  I have just confirmed it (well, conceivably it could also be a
library problem, but...)

ATI FireGL (fglrx) version 8.77.5/8.771 (public version 10-9) is returning
weird crap sometimes.

Some of the textures returned have weird crap at the beginning of the
buffer, and most of them were resized (so you get 1-pixel-wide striping).
Maybe all of them have crap at the beginning, but I can't see it because the
crap looks like what one would expect :p

I will reply with the textures attached, but it will be held for moderation
due to size.

> We should probably not read back from the GL, broken drivers or not.

It would certainly make the game a lot more resilient in face of broken
drivers to avoid doing anything uncommon...

I will now start messing with the ATI driver options, check for new
upstreams, etc.

Meanwhile, is there an easy way to tell the game to get the mask data from
somewhere else than OpenGL?

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