[aquaria] Scenario colision detection issues in achurch.org hg/aquaria tip

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh hmh+aquaria at hmh.eng.br
Thu Dec 30 21:35:34 EST 2010

On Fri, 31 Dec 2010, Andrew Church wrote:
> >Found a weird bug, probably related to branch grid-render-optimization:
> >
> >Sometimes Naija ignores the rocks/stone doors.  Other times, she ignores
> >the pilars and other scenery she should not go through (but not the
> >walls).  It is easy to see in the energy temple, for example.
> >
> >Is there anything I could do to help diagnose and fix this?
> If you have the time, try an hg bisect to locate the changeset that
> introduced the bug.  In case you're not familiar with bisecting, what

Urk, it is also in the icculus branch :-(

I can reproduce it easily, but not consistently.  Getting a screenshot
is rather difficult, as SDL plays extreme havoc with my box (I probably
have to gut KDE4's composition manager or something to avoid the black
screen problem.  Changing resolutions is also very very slow).

It looks like somehow the wall-detection code gets flipped (sometimes)
or disabled entirely.  On that savegame I sent, when one goes to the
right (only exit), there is a broken column from ceiling to bottom with
a gap in the middle.  Sometimes, the gap becomes a wall (Naija can grab
it!) and Naija can go through rocks and closed doors.   Sometimes, Naija
can go through rocks if moving head-on but bumps when close.

>From a clean state (no .Aquaria, either version of the game, starting
resolution 800x600) it works fine.  But if I copy over that savefile,
the problem is there.

Trying to track this is driving me mad :p  I will recompile with -O2
just to make sure it is not gcc doing something nasty.  Where does the
colision with door/rock/columns-that-cannot-be-walked-through is tested?
I might benefit from actually looking at how this is supposed to work...

If it depends on OpenGL not doing something insane, it might also be
ATI's or Debian SDL's fault.

> >Attached is a savegame file which exibits the behaviour.
> I couldn't reproduce the problem immediately.  Is there a specific
> sequence of actions that triggers the bug, or a specific location in
> the map where it occurs?  A screenshot would help, particularly in the
> latter case.

I will see if I can convince Aquaria and KDE4 to work better together so
as to get screenshots.

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