[aquaria] Gamepad improvements

Dustin Voss d_j_v at mac.com
Wed Aug 4 23:50:47 EDT 2010

On Aug 4, 2010, at 5:17 AM, Andrew Church wrote:

>> I have been working on gamepad navigation improvements for the past few days. Is anyone else doing this? I would not want two people both working in this area.
> I've already implemented several of these in my repository
> (http://achurch.org/cgi-bin/hg/aquaria/):
> - Song menu joystick support (branch song-menu-joystick-fix)
> - Food dropping (branch food-drop-action)
> - World map scrolling/zooming (branch world-map-scroll-fixes)
> I know I've tweaked a few other joystick-related things in the menus
> (can't remember where at the moment), though I don't think combo boxes
> are among them.

Okay. Your “world-map-scroll-fixes” branch works like a charm. Thanks!

I’ve patched it into a branch in my own repository. This makes it a branch off of an Icculus clone, so it should be easy to bring it down to any other repository or to incorporate it into the official repository. The branch is named “world-map-scroll-fixes/achurch” at <http://_Agent@bitbucket.org/_Agent/aquaria>.

I think I have a better solution for the song menu, though. I’ve got it set up so that you can basically proceed along the inner and outer song rings by moving the joystick in the appropriate direction, and go between the rings by moving in that direction. It feels less haphazard than always going to the next nearest song icon, but more importantly, it keeps the Energy Form song out of an unselectable ghetto. I would like the ring paths to glow a bit (to make it just that much more obvious) but I am not sure how to do that.

You can open or close the combo box list by moving onto the combo box and pressing the button. Once you move onto the list, you can scroll up or down by moving to the top or bottom of the list. You can close the list without changing the selection by pressing the secondary button, but you have to select an item or close the list before you can move anywhere else. (The other behaviors I tried resulted in me overshooting when I hit the top of the list.)

For the ingredient sorting control, it basically makes detour as you circle the ingredient slots but goes back to the slots without interrupting your flow. That one was easy.

I have put those navigation improvements — along with your world map fix — on the branch named “gamepad-gui-access” at <http://_Agent@bitbucket.org/_Agent/aquaria>.

Go ahead and try 'em out.

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