[aquaria] Sound issues with OpenAL

Mathieu Comandon strycore at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 07:20:59 EST 2009

>> I guess the corresponding bug in Launchpad regarding OpenAL would be 
>> this one  : 
>> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openal-soft/+bug/464556
> It's probably OpenAL-Soft misusing ALSA, or a buggy driver, or both. 
> We just went through a lot of pain with SDL to get this to work well, 
> and found a lot of longstanding, non-obvious bugs in our code...but 
> also found some drivers for perfectly reasonable audio hardware just 
> simply don't work well.
> The OpenAL shipping with Aquaria is a recent snapshot of OpenAL-Soft's 
> Subversion repository...I'll have to dig into it. It might sense to 
> just have OpenAL talk directly to that SDL code we just spent all that 
> time debugging.
> --ryan.
Ok, thanks for that info. I think I'll test the game on a few 32 bit 
distros, with and without Pulseaudio.
Can I ask on which distribution(s) you developed / tested Aquaria on ?


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