[aquaria] Package decompression: Is Mojosetup used for Aquaria?

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Tue Dec 15 15:02:03 EST 2009

> From what I can gather, Aquaria is built using Mojosetup.  I'd like to
> be able to put Aquaria into a package, and would appreciate any help
> to a good way to do this.  I was wondering if Mojosetup has a way to
> decompress the Aquaria package, is this possible?

It's a self-extracting .zip file, so you should be able to get at the 
guts of it without having to coerce MojoSetup to give them to you. Just 
run unzip on the .run file, and grab the bits in the "data" directory.

I'd rather you not package the beta, as it's going to stop working in a 
few weeks, but if you want to roll a .deb or .rpm (etc) of the final 
builds, let's discuss it off-list. I'm not sure how the final version 
will deal with demo vs full versions of the game, etc, yet, but I'd 
really like distros to supply official packages and have MojoSetup be 
used as a catch-all for everyone else.


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