[airstrike] autopackage?

Lemmit Kaplinski lemmit at kaplinski.com
Mon Feb 20 20:11:38 EST 2006


great that you are somewhat considering it - when the games finally 
reaches some solid state. I do actually remember having loads of fun with 
the game more than a year ago already, so don't be too shy about releasing 
development versions ;)

On Mon, 20 Feb 2006, Erik Auerswald wrote:
> Well, we are far away from a release, so this has to wait. At least I'm
> not opposed to a distribution neutral binary installer. A possible
> alternative to autopackage could be the loki installer
> (http://icculus.org/loki_setup/). I've not yet made any binary packages
> and don't know the pros and cons of those two installers.

Just a note that loki installer is quite outdated, while AP is actively
maintained and the devs go to great lengths to support all the funny
flavors of Linux out there, both old and new. Autopackage also supports
things like a terminal/GTK2 based installer, automatic menu entries
(Freedesktop standard and legacy Gnome/KDE), integration with the native
package manager (in development) and a host of other nice features. And
you get your package listed on their webpage as a bonus :)

Anyways - thank you,


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