Airstrike on mobile devices

Eero Tamminen oak at
Tue Aug 1 06:50:39 EDT 2006


Has anybody tested Airstrike on anything else besides Desktop machines?
(I think it has been run on Linux, NetBSD, Windows, OSX and Amiga)

I've tested Airstrike briefly on N770 ( and it seems to
work just fine although it uses floating point calculations (N770 TI OMAP 
CPU doesn't have FPU).  I guess that's because >90% of CPU (on x86 which
has FPU) is spent in SDL when playing Airstrike.

However, there are a couple problems:

* N770 screen is 800x480 whereas Airstrike levels are 800x600 size.
  This is easy to remedy, it requires just re-rendering the levels and
  modifying the object positions in the level files a bit, or make levels
  specifically for 800x480 size

* N770 controls could be a bit better, the "5-way rocker" is no replacement
  for a joystick.  There's not much one could do about that.  I don't think
  stylus control would work for Airstrike

* Two players cannot use N770 at the same time.  There's no keyboard
  (except through bluetooth, but that's not officially supported),
  joysticks would require hub that powers them and the screen is physically
  too small to be viewed simultanously by two persons comfortably while
  playing. Currently Airstrike doesn't have (a useful) computer player and
  programming a good one would be very hard given that the level files
  can have any kinds and shapes of objects.  There are two solutions for
   this, either:
   - add network play to Airstrike (e.g. over WLAN), or
   - make single player levels

I think specific single player levels (in the required 800x480 size) are
only realistic way.  Have you any good ideas for this?

	- Eero

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