[airstrike] Re: Level changing and tags

Erik Auerswald auerswal at unix-ag.uni-kl.de
Wed May 11 17:43:06 EDT 2005


> > Can the keyboard bindings be set from here too? :-)
> Yes, they can. The problem (I think) is that the keys are given by
> integers that can be different for different SDL versions and
> platforms (please correct me if I'm wrong).

The SDL key symbols are defined in SDL_keysym.h and I would suspect them
to be the same on every platform, though not necessarily in every
version. But the safe way, of course, is to always use the symbolic names.

> > It would also good to have a commented default config so that people
> > know more easily how to change the defaults.
> They should not change it manually (at least they should not have to).
> There should be an in-game menu system to do it.
> > I looked into joystick.c and noticed minor stylistic issue.  In the rest of
> > the Airstrike code the function definitions are written so that the block
> > delimiter '{' is on a separate line from the function name & args.
> > 
> > (My own "sin" in this is following linux kernel coding styles i.e. I have
> > different indenting value than Ulf + I use braces always.  I've coded too
> > many years that way.)
> I don't mind this at all, but I won't respect it when I edit something
> :-).

I don't care too much about indentation style, so I'll try to use your
function indentation style.

> I don't use braces for single line blocks, because I like to see as much
> of a function as possible. Of course with your brace style you save even
> more lines.. The only rule I have is to always balance chained blocks,
> like so

I'll see into it that I always balance chained blocks in the future
(didn't care about it till now).


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