proximity triggers

Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at
Sun Jul 17 15:30:09 EDT 2005


> I guess now all the existing triggers are tested to some extent so maybe
> I'll take a look at the proximity trigger.  I will need it at making
> level end conditions for the level 2.  I'm thinking that the goal would
> be to get the middle penguin on top of one of the platforms from where
> player starts.  For now I will check the proximity only for a specified
> tagged object.

Proximity triggers are now implemented.
They test proximity only for a single tagged object for now.

I made level 2 example of this. You can try some fun stuff there:
- kill airballoon
- take fuel from below your platform
- get "your" penguin on top of your platform

So levels will be:
0: practice
1: harder, killing birds (it helps that they collide each other :))
2: what's described above
3: bonuses + dragon + cannon
4: bonuses + zeppelin

What kind of goals there could be for levels 3 & 4?


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