[airstrike] Triggers and level ending

Ulf Ekström uekstrom at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 18:15:14 EDT 2005


> > > - Proximity trigger is still missing and will/would be very nice. I'll
> > > look into this once the other stuff is tested/ready


> Hm.  I thought that it could just check the object co-ordinates and ignore
> their size/shape.   I would assume most of the proximity triggers to have
> much longer range than the size of the objects that trigger them, in which
> case this wouldn't be a problem (just a feature :)).

For some cases I think the shape is important. Maybe we can have something like

enum trigger_type {
TRIGGER_CONE120, /* a circle sector with angle 120 */
TRIGGER_RAY /* Just a line */

#define TRIGGER_PERFECT 1 /* this is for flags */

trigger_create(vector_t position, float angle, int size, enum
trigger_type type, unsigned int flags);

>  I thought that in most
> cases it would also make sense to check position for only a subset of
> sprites:
> - A specific tagged sprite (single player :))
> - A specific sprite type (e.g. plane)
> As it might look silly if cannon would start shooting at birds & flies.

Should this be programmable from the level settings file?


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