[airstrike] Airstrike on glSDL

Ulf Ekström uekstrom at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 13:55:51 EDT 2005

> I was wondering about the future plans of Airstrike. Since the OpenGL (SDL)
> work is in progress, do you still want to keep the models in sprites or
> are there any wishes that the sprites be converted into real 3D meshes?

That would be a complete rewrite of the engine, almost everything is
based on pixel
graphics, even the physics.
> I'm still investigatigating, but my plans were something like AirStrike
> but the models and the world would be real 3D objects and the camera would
> be side-view by default.

Something like the new 2d in 3d platform games? It could work,
probably. Things that are harder in 3d: Collision detection and
physics, model creation and display, hardware requirements, level
design. Of course you have more flexibility and can do more things,
but is it really making the game so much more fun?

The biggest problem is how to create the models. Blender is, well,
difficult, and I must say that most opensource 3d games have rather
boring looking graphics.

> I want the game to be extendible by Open Source community, adding objects,
> creating missions, yadda yadda.

Don't we all :-). I believe this is much easier with 2d graphics, but
I might be wrong. How would people create the objects? Blender?
Pirated copies of 3D Studio that only run on windows?

I think your idea could work, but the point of Airstrike is sort of to
see how much can be done with 2d graphics and pixel physics.  When
Airstrike is done I can join your project :-)


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