[airstrike] Airstrike TODO

Ulf Ekström ulfek at ifm.liu.se
Thu May 6 15:55:42 EDT 2004

tHi all. I managed to secure some net access for a few minutes. My

> Configuration:
> - Global configuration file with level size, keyboard bindings etc
> - Command line options, their help + corresponding manual page updates:
> - config file & level selection 
> - fullscreen on/off
>  - sound on/off

All those options should be configurable in game. And I agree we need
them before a release. We should write a gui system, it would be nice to
have at least some text entry mechanism and some menus.

> Level support improvements:
> - Multiple players/planes (at least user & AI)


> - Bonuses are specified per level
> - sprite generators
> - sprite proximity triggers
> - Level ending

- Level changing (show level stats etc)

This is important I think.

> Biplane improvements:
> - Plane can die
> - Multiple planes
> - Both bombs and bullets
> - Show fuel/damage/bomb meter or stats
>  (see energymeter object in older Airstrike version)

We should make a new energymeter. The gauge was not so good for
energy; we can use it for fuel perhaps, if we are going to have fuel in
the game (I think we can/should).

> - Text "say" stuff to biplane

Should be trivial to put back in. Maybe it should be directly in the
ai, which known when the controlling object recieves damage.

> - Control change from one object (plane) to another (parachute)


> - Biplanes "in love" mode (a bonus)

This is really an ai thing, maybe it can wait until next release.

> - Biplane "flipping"

Next release maybe.

> Extra game features:
> - Possibility to specify trigger for activating certain sprite
>   when other objects come near enough
> - Finish "particle effects" code
>   - add effects to objects
> (- Integrate & test wind code from old Airstrike version)

-> Next release.

> Add objects / object features:
> - Fuel object
> - parachute-man object
> - Better missile guidance
- Better ufo rotation
- SAM site / proximity triggered cannon object
- More sound effects to objects

These objects are a bit questionable,
they don't bring that much to the game:
- Hippo
- Asteroid
- Hangar

But we can keep them in the tree at least; who knows. And I like the
hippo :-)


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