[airstrike] Guided missiles ?

Ulf Ekström ulfek at ifm.liu.se
Sun May 2 16:04:03 EDT 2004

> > what about guided missiles ?
There is a sprite, we should just put them in again. They should have larger
turning radius than last time to be a bit easier to avoid though.

> They are pretty hard to avoid though so I thought ones which won't do any
> real damage, just plane knock off course, would be nicer (i.e. the snowball
> cannon).
> Does anybody have nice animation for a snowball cannon?

Me not being finnish I don't really see how heat-seaking snowballs would
work, but that never stopped anyone from doing them of course :-)
> With more coding effort it could be done such that first it aims the cannon
> pipe approximately towards the object approaching (so player can have time
> to duck) and only when aim is "right" it fires a heat-seeker.  Whether to
> have this affects what it would look like, but here could be two types of
> cannons too.

Absolutely. We should have a SAM launcher for the missiles also.

> (And I *do* want a "thud" sound when the cannon shoots :-))

Of course!


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