Proximity triggers?

Eero Tamminen oak at
Sun May 2 03:14:40 EDT 2004


I was thinking that it would be nice if it would be possible to specify
in level file "proximity triggers" for some of the objects.

Basically it would create a list of triggers (distance^2) for objects and it
would each frame check each other (moving) sprites whether they are
close enough to the triggerable object position.  If sprite is near enough,
the triggerable object is given MSG_SPRITE with pointer to the moving

I've already added a message like that for the "following" bonus.

I've thought that this proximity trigger could be used to do a couple of
- revealing objects only when player is close enough
- "weapons" which activate only when one gets close enough, e.g
  snowball cannon which shoots "heat-seeking" snowballs.  It stops
  shooting once sprite gets out of range

I've thought that the "snowballs" could be such that they make *no* damage,
but they would have a lot of weight so that one can e.g. distract enemy by
flying near one of the cannons. :-)

Can the physics stuff have mech objects which have lots of weight & speed,
but which would do no damage?

	- Eero

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