[airstrike] two player mode now working

Eero Tamminen oak at welho.com
Mon Jun 7 14:03:56 EDT 2004


> > A POV model from the plane wreck (whether it's red or blue) is missing,
> > I wonder whether anybody could work on that?
> Also some new planes would be good, now it's very easy to add them.

Currently both of the planes are generated from your POV model, for the
other I just change the colors with ImageMagick (that's the reason why
the color has changed a bit, purer color is easier to change).

Having both bi-plane and single plane + one of those odd ones which
was really, really short (I can't remember it's model anymore) would be
nice.  And flames on the side of the red baron's machine :-)).

> >   - How / where player is supposed to be "reborn"?
> >    - Should the sprite field have a field for "regen" position or
> > should we have generator objects?
> maybe we can do
> spawn{
> 	x = 34
> 	y = 344
> 	max_children = 8
> 	delay = 10 # wait 10 seconds between spawnings
> 	sprite{
> 		type = zeppelin
> 		..
> 	}
> }

What about the trigger thing I mentioned earlier?  Would it be another
parameter for spawn, or a separate thing completely?  In first case trigger
keyword argument could be the triggering distance and delay could act as
a rate limiter value.

Btw. I could take that "max_children" to mean also how many there can be
flying *at the same time*, not how many it actually generates of them.  For
that "count" might be more descriptive.  (actually I would like to have both
behaviors :)))).

> >    - How to define them so that in settings file one can still give all
> > the current options for the objects to generate?
> This is a bit of a problem..

One possibility would be if the generator would keep the first generated
(when level file is read) object, the sprite struct would have a new "clone"
method (copy constructor if I still remember my C++ terminology :-)), and
generator would then just clone the first copy when it generates a new

The first copy should be disassociated from any of the sprite groups
though I think.

> We can do something like:
> ai1 = player1_ai
> ai2 = cpu_ai
> sprite{ type = biplane
> 	ai = ai1
> 	..
> }

What about player names and number of players?  Would there be always
e.g. four players on screen and the rest would be computer players?

	- Eero

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