[airstrike] Bonus setting in the level file

Ulf Ekström ulfek at ifm.liu.se
Thu Jun 3 05:56:03 EDT 2004

> I coded today support for setting bonuses from the level file.

> In the level file bonuses are set like this:
> 	bonuses = "UFO FUEL"
> The bonus names are set in bonus.c and are all in upper case.  Any non
> letter characters can be used as separators and the parser complains
> if it doesn't recognize the bonus name.
There seems to be something missing from the level language when you
have to write your own parser for things like this. I have no
immediate solution however..

> Ok to commit?


> Wow, KMail noticed that I hadn't added an attachment although I had referred
> to one in above text, and asked whether I would like to attach a file!!!

This is a useful feature I must say!


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