[airstrike] Activity

Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at netsonic.fi
Sun Dec 12 12:51:51 EST 2004


> > > Actually I have started to work on the game again. I don't know if
> > > you are (or even would like to be) recieving email at CVS commits,
> > > but if you do head over to https://admin.lysator.liu.se/Login and
> > > change your
> > settings.
> >
> > It's such a long time since I did anything with it, that I've forgotten
> > my password (SSH key handles CVS stuff).  Is there any interface which
> > would mail me my password?
> Yes. I told it to send you a new password.

Thanks!   Is it possible to change the e-mail address somewhere?
I didn't notice that.

(I've changed ISP and the old mail address stops working soon. Mailing list 
I already re-subscribed and CVS/SSH works regardless of the e-mail. :-))

> > > I am also working to replace the level description language with
> > > something simpler and easier to code for.
> >
> > I guess with this the features we've discussed about will be easier to
> > do? E.g. being able to chain things for levels where player should
> > first do one (level specific) thing and only then another or where
> > player control can be transmitted from one object to another (e.g. from
> > plane to parachute to dragon)?
> I hope so. One thing that is very easy to do would be something like a
> command
> when biplane dead "set_ai player1 dragon",
> meaning that the command "set_ai player1 dragon" would be executed when
> the condition  "dead" for the sprite with tag "biplane" is fulfilled.
> Then we have to add a little "daemon" which checks for these
> conditions, but that should be easy.
> > I'll try next week to convert the rest of the levels to the new format,
> > hopefully also bonus parser (used on levels 3 & 4).
> Great!
> > What about the plane damage & dying and having multiple players?
> > This would be needed for making the game playable again... :-/
> Yes, indeed. Multiple players work already, I should just include the
> damage again.

Ah, excellent!  I guess you'll do a release once that's working (and new
level stuff is otherwise updated)? :-)

	- Eero

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