[airstrike] new clouds

Eero Tamminen oak at welho.com
Fri Apr 16 14:51:12 EDT 2004


> Is there still active development on airstrike?
> the pre6 release was good, but the latest additions to the
> CVS version are quite old and it isn't really in a playable state.
> I hope the project isn't abandoned?

I'm waiting that Ulf adds back the damage etc full biplanes functionality
so that I can add back the other sprites & start testing the new levels.
Then we're back at the earlier functionality + it's very easy to do new
levels. :-)

> Anyways, I made two new cloud sprites that IMHO look a lot nicer
> than the the current one consisting of solid spheres.
> screenshot:
> http://lutz-peter.hoogi.de/extern/airstrike/cloud_screenshot.jpg
> pov-files:
> http://lutz-peter.hoogi.de/extern/airstrike/cloud_lph.pov
> http://lutz-peter.hoogi.de/extern/airstrike/cloud_lph2.pov

I added these to the Airstrike CVS.  They are now automatically
generated like other graphics.  I'll hope to have time on the weekend
to change the old cloud object to randomly use either of these.

If you can easily make them render faster without sacrificing the looks,
that would be nice (when I test regeneration of the rendered gfx).

	 - Eero

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