[airstrike] New Airstrike snapshot / what remains to do?

Eero Tamminen oak at welho.com
Tue May 20 14:05:55 EDT 2003


> Two levels, one arctic and one tropical. Level file format can decribe
> the levels good enough now I think, and we can write the levels by
> hand for now.

Do you need any objects for the tropical level?

> Integrating the remaining sprites, programming polar bear and penguin
> etc. [Eero, Ulf]

I've thought that polar bear be like the hippo I've described earlier,
it drops from the sky and bounces around (has any of you player
Jeff Minter games? :)) i.e. physics engine would do almost all the
work.  Or do you have different ideas?

I'll do add the penguin and try to think something for the death
animation.  Has anybody of you on the list preferences (+reason)
for what the penguin death would look like:
- penguin breaks apart like blocks
- penguin falls on its face or back
- penguin vanishes in a puff of smoke or fire
- the penguin head shoots up and blood spurts up from the neck stump
  while the body convulses wildly around
- penguin gets white mini-wings and flies up to heaven
- penguin freezes (gets a block of ice around itself)

> Some more level API. We need to be able to detect when the player flies
> through certain places, and other ways to place triggers [Ulf]

Do you need any images of object throught which player would fly?

> "Glue": Tie everything else together and make the game playable. I'm
> really bad at making this, so everyone that'd like to help is welcome.
> Maybe a public CVS server would be a good idea?

That would definately be appreciated!

	- Eero

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