[airstrike] What's up Doc?

Eero Tamminen oak at welho.com
Tue Jul 8 16:06:51 EDT 2003


>> I was wondering whether anything has happened on the Airstrike front?
> Hmm (eyes shifting nervously).. I have made some very small
> improvements, but no major effort. I have thought about this and I
> think it would be really stupid to abandon the project now that we
> have put in so much work. I've not been so inspired lately, spending
> more time in the sun than writing games, but the project is not dead,
> it is only sleeping. It's basically the same things that are needed as
> last time we spoke. The most important thing is FUN, it should be fun
> to play so that we get inspired to develop more. I know that it won't
> get there by itself though..

Hm.  My summer vacation's coming up, I should some time during
that.  If not then, at least in fall :-).

(better enjoy the sun while it lasts, the summer's been a bit fickle here)

> The thing I really should do is to get some more open CVS server and
> give you (and anyone else who is interested) an account. I'll see if I
> can find some nice place to host the project (probably sourceforge).

Is there a problem with Icculus.org CVS?

(I'd like to do some automation stuff on the gfx generation when
I can get CVS access & time)

	- Eero

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