[airstrike] Single player gameplay: any ideas?

Eero Tamminen oak at welho.com
Fri Jan 31 15:23:35 EST 2003


I really liked the idea about 'goal' oriented / non-violent and
not so serious game play, flying through hoops etc!

Here are some other ideas for post-v1 development.

Nethack tracks the moon phases and there are a lot more
were-things prowling around the dungeons when it's full moon...

Maybe Airstrike could check at startup what time of the
day it is and load either "day" or "night" level according
to that?

(Or even better, change the level automatically at certain time of day)

Some possible graphical differencies for a "night" level:
- sky is almost black, there's a moon on the sky and
  clouds are dark gray
- planes have (twinkling) flightlights
- cannon shoots fireworks
- there's a campfire on the ground
- air is full of shooting stars, meteors, fireflies, flying bats
  and witches on brooms...

A "winter" level could have these elements:
- Northern lights on the sky
- A flying snowman[1]
- cannon shoots snowballs which do only little damage but
  some bonus could turn them for a while into ice which would
  do a lot more damage
- large snowflakes and icicles dropping from the sky
- ice lantern on the ground
- jumping & bouncing polar bear
- winterbirds flying drunkenly around (because
  they've eaten too many frost-bitten rowanberries)

Some of the objects (e.g. snowflakes & fireflies) could be
only for show and not collision checked.

[1] Like in that british animation shown almost every Xmas...
Snowman is good because it's not too difficult to render and 
round enough to work properly in collisions.

	- Eero

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