[airstrike] Penguin animation for Airstrike

Eero Tamminen oak at welho.com
Sun Apr 27 09:26:13 EDT 2003


> I like it! We'll have to write a small ai for the penguins then, as I
> assume they will walk around a bit.

I'm going to code a bit after I've got a preliminary version of all
the elements (postsack & basket, penguin, iglu, icefloat etc) and
seen what you've been upto :-).

> Maybe a "death sequence" for when they are killed?

For what kind of death?   Here are a couple of alternatives...
- penguin breaks apart like blocks
- penguin falls on his/her face or back
- penguin vanishes in a puff of smoke or fire
- the penguin head shoots up and blood spurts up from the neck stump
  while the body convulses wildly around
- penguin gets white mini-wings and flies up to heaven
- penguin freezes (gets a block of ice around itself)

> I'll work a bit on more arctic scenery this week. Sorry for the very
> slow response time.

Mine's a bit slow too...  I'll try to get a first version of ice-float
today and maybe some improvements to the polar bear too.

Could you do interim release in the meanwhile?

	- Eero

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