[airstrike] Penguin animation for Airstrike

Eero Tamminen oak at welho.com
Tue Apr 1 13:55:42 EST 2003


> > I just made a penguin for Airstrike which walks.

It's trivial to make it walk to both directions and turn, but what about the
looks themself, is there something that should be changed?

> I was just waiting for this! Now we'll have to call the game TuxStrike :)
> It looks very cute.

I still like the Airstrike name more.  :)

> > Or maybe there could be an icefloat level where are igloos instead
> > of huts and penguins instead of humans (receiving the mails).  On
> > these levels cannons would naturally shoot snowballs :-).

I could do ice-floats & Igloos.  Maybe next weekend.

> I like this idea. It's probably even easier to model than the tropical
> island theme.

That's the main reason why I started doing penguins <grin>.

> Maybe we can have an intro screen which is a earth-globe,
> with the different levels marked on the globe?

Hmm.  Would user then guide a dot that would circle round the
globe and the name of the level would then change under the globe?

Or where you thinking about animating a globe itself?  It could be modeled
with terrafrom, orb code and POV...

> A small change I am considering is to have the number of frames
> encoded in the filename of each animation, something like
> pingu.16.png
> Then it would be much easier to change the animations without
> recompiling etc. But then we must use glob() to find the files. Do you
> know a portable way to glob?

I'm not sure about whether glob() is portable but as your game is
GPL, you could loan the code from glibc or uClibc:

Or I could mail you some of my own code to do simple string matching.

Another alternative would be that the frame information is in another
file. You already got the code for key value pair matching which could
be used in reading the file. Then the 'anim' target in pov/Makefile could
be changed to add the FRAMES value to that file:
	grep -v $(NAME) frames.txt > frames.new
	echo "$(name) = $(FRAMES)" >> frames.new
 	mv frames.new frames.txt

install: all
        $(CP) $(PNG) frames.txt ../data/

(I really think all the PNG data files should come from the pov/ directory
although some of them might not be generated from POV files. There could
be a separate directory for PNG files that are done manually.)

	- Eero

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