[airstrike] Can compile but not run airstrike pre4 - libpng problem?

Ulf Ekström ulfek at ifm.liu.se
Thu Oct 31 12:17:11 EST 2002


Airstrike only uses libpng indirectly, via the SDL_image library, so
I would guess that your SDL_image is compiled with a different libpng. 

Do other programs that use SDL_image compile and run correctly?

I cannot really help you with this unless I get more information. Which
distribution are you running? Which version of SDL and SDL_image are you trying to
link with?

You can try to do 
ldd /usr/lib/libSDL_image.so 
to view the depedencies of this library.

Hope this helps. I will be unable to reply to email
for a few days, starting in a few minutes, so I cannot
help you more at this point. My only suggestion is to install
the latest SDL and SDL_image from www.libsdl.org, and maybe
to build the from source if nothing else helps. That should solve the


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