ungarlando at ungarlando at
Wed Oct 30 03:11:56 EST 2002

Anyone is working on the famous bird+feathers povray model?
I think I could try to write it in the next days. Or, should I 
implement the following animations:
- hit parachute guy
- precipitating parachute guy (maybe with broken parachute?)
- parachute guy exultating while parachute slowly drops and fades 
(fading is necessary since we can't assume terrain to be flat)
- guy walking (without parachute).
- dead guy.
- ketchup spalsh.
- guy crazily rotating (for when flying when hit by bomb).

Also, If you agree I'd resize the hangar to a smaller size. Also, maybe 
the parachute needs to be smaller (while keeping current guy size)

Please express your priorities :)
And, Ulf, the smoke is now beautiful!


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