Respawning bug making the game unbalanced

Kujansuu Pekka peksi at
Fri Nov 15 05:21:31 EST 2002


I found a little bug in Airstrike making it unbalanced: The red player respawns longer after he has died. This makes unbalanced situations where either the red player wins when both players die at the same time in a 4-4 situation, or the blue player gets a head start. I made a patch for biplane.c against the pre5 development snapshot. I hope it works with the CVS-version too...
Btw, one thing that you should consider changing is the scoring time. I think the players should score at the moment the plane dies, but the game should check the scores only after a player respawns. That would allow ties, which would make it more fair, since you couldn't do a kamikaze at 4-4 hoping to win.
Pekka Kujansuu

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