[airstrike] Scrolling levels?

Ulf Ekström ulfek at ifm.liu.se
Fri Dec 20 08:32:35 EST 2002

On Fri, Dec 20, 2002 at 02:20:38PM +0100, Big Pilot wrote:

>  I noticed this game as it is modelled after a CGA game I used to
> play a long time ago called 'Sopwith' I think. Only this game had a
> scrolling display which was alot more fun. So I'm asking, do you
> guys intend to make something similar?

It is not modelled after Sopwith, but after 'Biplanes' on intellivision and
BIP on the Amiga. These games both had single screen levels, but we do intend
to have larger levels! We have not yet released a 1.0 version, so be patient.
We are also working on ground based objects, like tanks and people, so I think
it will be great fun when it finally works.	

> Also, the physics in the game are *too* good, as is the AI of the
>computer controlled player. I would make the physics a lot more like
>'Sopwith' i.e. simple with no accelleration, aerodynamics, gravity
>etc. or at least adjustable.

Again, Sopwith is still there is you want to play it.. Of course the
physics should be fun, rather than realistic, but I think that more
advanced physics is more fun! For example I'm working on rotating
objects in collisions right now, and it makes a huge differense for
what you can do. (For example if your plane gets hit from below in the
tail it will start to spin. You can also not balance on the tail/nose,
and you can land on top of any object (like on top of the zeppelin for

It is kind of fun to explore the limits of 2d physics..

In the future all mechanics will be adjustable (and it is right now
for some parameters, i.e. you can download the airstrike-airtest version and
send your favourite settings to this list).


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