[airstrike] Copyright question

Sven Velt sven-airstrike at velt.de
Thu Dec 19 10:13:49 EST 2002

Hio Ulf!

Am 2002-12-17, tippselte Ulf Ekström:

> A debian package would be great! The game is GPL, and I thought
> it said so in the documentation, but it should probably be more
> obvious (in the header of each source file etc..). 

What about putting a "COPYRIGHT" file in the main directory with a short
statement and the (URL to) GPL in it?

> [ airstrikerc & sound ]


> There is a new version comming out with lots of improvement, but
> it will probably not happen before christmas, so if you like to
> package the current game you are very welcome!

I'll send the ITP (Intend To Package) these days. If I'll get a DEB
ready for -pre5 before you release the new version I will upload it. If
not, not ;-)

Is the next version as playable als -pre4? If not (I don't like -pre5
from a gaming point of view), I could start with -pre4, having a DEB
ready and update as soon as it gets more stable.



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