Lemmit Kaplinski lemmit at
Sun Dec 15 05:41:08 EST 2002


I've really enjoyed AirStrike so far and would like to know if you are 
thinking of implementing scrolling background?

The reason is that there's one game I really liked once, cannot 
remember it's name, but the basic idea was flying a plane in the 
pacific, trying to sink japanese aircraft carriers. There were 
machine-guns, bombs and torpedoes. The interface was 2D - sopwith ;) 

I'd really like to see some sort of reincarnation of that one. So far 
the jolly-happy style AirStrike has adopted is very good also, only 
suitable music is missing, but I cannot help with that, sorry. Maybe 
you could grab some public domain music that associates with all kinds 
of parades and festivals? There should be such.

As for testing different settings - pretty much everything is OK, but 
gravity is a bit too strong. Might be realistic that you cannot fly a 
biplane straight up (don't really know), but hey, it's a game!

Thank you for the work so far and I hope it goes on ;)


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