[airborne] Airborne 1.2 linux server now available...

Minte van Dalen minte.vandalen at planet.nl
Sun Jan 20 11:25:55 EST 2008


Just got a few questions, do we need the full game for this release or is
this patch also a standalone linux server?
Are these files based on the 1.2 dedicated server standalone for windows?
And can i extract these files to a server with my .ini files and just run


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...just in time for 1.3 to arrive, I'm sure (we'll keep this better 
synchronized in the future).

It's a large download (1.4 gigabytes!), as the 1.2 patch changed a lot 
of data files. To upgrade, you should just be able to stop your server, 
unpack this archive so it overwrites the appropriate files, and restart 
the server.

Ever-growing list of mirrors is here:



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