[airborne] server disconnect and name issue

Minte van Dalen minte.vandalen at planet.nl
Wed Jan 16 18:34:51 EST 2008

Hello all,

Just was playing on our 1.2 linux box with some clanm8's.
And there where some problems, after 2 rounds we got disconnected, cause of
namestealing by pb.
The other time when I come in to the new round I manage to get some sound
and then get a windows error r6025 and the game crashes.

Both things did not happen to my clanm8's while they where on a windows box
playing the game.

Any idea's?
Already setted dubnamegrace to 0 and and guidrelax to 7, and there the
gamecraches started, before that part it was reconnecting after 2 rounds
cause of lost connection stuff.

All ports are open for sure, double checked them, and the server is psb and
pbbans streaming.

Minte van dalen

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