[airborne] Linux server now available.

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Wed Oct 31 01:02:05 EDT 2007

> 1. Can we run multi servers from one master set of files?

Each server needs a valid login for EA's servers (which you have to 
create in-game, although maybe http://profile.ea.com/ is the same thing?).

I don't know if EA's servers have the same limitation as ut3's GameSpy, 
so you might be able to reuse the account instead of creating a unique 
one for each server. This part of the system is very new to me, and 
mostly runs on tech I don't have access to, so people can report their 
findings here.

The login is encrypted in MOHADedicatedServer.ini, so you'll probably 
need to build this file initially from DSLauncher.exe to get the string. 
If I can trivially create a utility to generate those strings, I will, 
but I can't promise it yet.

> 2. Can we set the IP and port on the command line?

Airborne looks for "-ip=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" instead of 
"-multihome=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" on the command line (and can also use 
IP=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx in MOHADedicatedServer.ini, too)...likewise for 
-port=xxxx and Port=xxxx on the command line and in the ini file, 


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