Using New Game Entities

The best way to get a feeling for how the new game entities should be used is to play Team Arena for a while. Here are the id team’s rules and suggestions for using the new entities.


Game Types

There are eight game types (including those from original Quake III Arena). Unless marked with a gametype key, entities will appear in every game type. The game types are:

Gametype Type of play corresponds to cvar …

FFA (multiplayer Free for All deathmatch) corresponds to g_gametype 0

Tournament (1 on 1 deathmatch) corresponds to g_gametype 1

Single (Single Player Free for All) corresponds to g_gametype 2

Team (Team deathmatch) corresponds to g_gametype 3

CTF (Capture the Flag … traditional rules) corresponds to g_gametype 4

Oneflag (single flag CTF) corresponds to g_gametype 5

Overload (destroy the opponent’s obelisk) corresponds to g_gametype 6

Harvester (collect skulls, take to opponent’s base) corresponds to g_gametype 7


The “notfree”, “notteam”, and “notsingle” Keys

These are still checked by the game engine. They are checked AFTER the gametype keys are checked. Because they complicate the design (simple is usually best), we recommend not using them in Quake 3 Team Arena maps.


Enable/Disabled entities for TA / Vanilla Q3

Entities can now have one of the following epairs:

"notta" "1"

for when the entity is not supposed to show up in Team Arena, and:

"notq3a" "1"

for when the entity is not supposed to show up in Quake III Arena.

An entity may have both epairs, meaning it will only show up in mods.

The epairs only work on "gameplay" type entities such as weapons, powerups, items, ammo, etc. They will not affect entities that are compiled into maps, such as models.



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