Team Power-up Bases

In Quake III: Team Arena, a base model marks the location of each of the four persistent Team Power-Ups (Ammo Regen, Guard, Doubler, and Scout). These models are not generated programmatically (as is the case with the obelisks and flag bases) and must be placed in the game maps by the mapmaker. Position the model such that the center of its origin sits on top of the floor and so that it is centered beneath the Team Power-Up. There are separate models for the blue and red team sides. If you choose to place a powerup in neutral territory (as in MPTERRA3), place a weaponpad_neutral.pfb under the powerup.

Copy the spawn folder into the models/mapobjects directory in your missionpack directory (if necessary, create all three directories now). Do not create a new directory for them. Shader scripts and textures for these models are already a part of the Mission Pack pak file and need not be added separately.

spawn.md3  This model is the location marker for the blue side.

spawn_red.md3  This model is the location marker for the red side.



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