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 Did I say a few days?  :)

 Here are some updated files for the demo. It fixes all known bugs.

 Bugs fixed:
   - Stencil shadows now render.
   - Updated to SDL 1.2.13.
   - Uses PulseAudio if available, ALSA if not, OSS if not.
   - Can do 5.1 surround sound (if your system supports it).
   - Fixed video memory detection on Nvidia, ATI, DRI drivers.
   - Fixed problems launching web browser.
   - Installer can completely run from the command line without
     interaction, for automation purposes (but it's a self-extracting
     zip file, anyhow, if you prefer that route).
   - Installer fully localized to Spanish.
   - Other l18n fixes, compliments of the fine folks at

 To install, just unpack and overwrite the appropriate files in your
  existing install.

 Full game will be out very soon...mostly I just want confirmation that
  I didn't screw up the ATI video memory detection.  :)

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