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Currently Active Projects: (This is in no particular order)
- The open source incubator. - SDL_sound. - PhysicsFS. - The Build Engine. - Toby. - Serious Sam. - IcculusFinger. - UT2003. - various Pyrogon things. - IcculusNews. - Other stuff. I have projects on (some are even mine) that are already abandoned. I will have to figure out what to do with them. If you want to peek around, look at The CVS Tree.
General stuff:
The iMac RAM that I ordered showed up a few days ago. The chip's a tiny grasshopper! I'd had never seen 140 pin RAM before, but apparently this is commonplace in the realm of laptops and flat-panel iMacs. I ran in to a slight problem when I installed it. The instructions: Reference figure six on that page...see the two clips circled in yellow? The one on the right is missing in my iMac. Looks like it snapped off. So I plugged in the chip anyway, and the other clip wouldn't hold it. The RAM just popped back up to a 45 degree angle, which is no doubt occurs to make removing the chip easy, but the damned thing just wouldn't stay down. I kinda coerced the chip to stay in place once, screwed the case back together, and heard the chip smack against the inside of the computer when it popped out again, before I even got the system back to my desk. This was not going very well. I opened up the case and took a look again. You can see in figure seven that there's a bit of an indent in the metal surface where the RAM chip (and AirPort card) go. I took a floppy disk, split it open and took out the disc and metal parts, so I had a semi-rigid, and very thin piece of plastic. I crammed that hunk of plastic under the edge of the indent, so that it covered the RAM chip. With a little pressure, I managed to screw the case back on over it. The floppy chunk is now filling the space between the metal outside case (figure 9) and the RAM, so the RAM is forced to lay flat. Instead of the clips holding it down, the plastic is pushing it to that position. Same effect, different angle. Amazingly, the system booted and found the RAM on the first try. I'm sure I just voided my warranty, and I'm waiting for the iMac to catch fire. It's been working like a champ for over a week now.
Serious Sam:
Yes, I'm porting it. No, there's no timeframe right now. Email me with questions, and I'll start a FAQ or something. Current Status: Squashed a logic bug in the Engine's socket code. This got the networking going, to a degree. Can talk between two Linux boxes like a champ. Fails a CRC when attempting to negotiate a connection with a win32 box still, either as a server or a client. I had a linux dedicated server talking to a Linux client. The win32 thing is, I hope, something simple like an integer overflow, and shouldn't be too hard to find. Those old Screenies. Keep me and going. --ryan. (FAQ snipped. Check the archives.)
My never ending TODO list:
Somewhat immediate TODOs: - Check for zlib 1.1.3 remnants on - Yuri's Revenge support in csmhax0r. - Have csmhax0r flip read-only flag. - Reburn damaged music disc. - Read Bernd's Gamasutra article. - Nag Kent about MindRover again. - Nag Vince about dedicated server stuff. - Report compiler issues to Intel. - CodeHost STB. - Clean up the damned logfiles. Ongoing TODOs: - Port Serious Sam. ( 10%) - Rewrite IcculusNews. ( 98%) - Release SDL_sound v1.0. ( 92%) - Release PhysicsFS v1.0. ( 95%) - SDL_mixer rewrite, using non-existant SDL_sound library. ( 0%) - Toby rewrite #4. Way overdue. ( 20%) - Documentation for Toby. YEARS overdue. ( 0%) - Major SMPEG updates. ( 0%) - Rewrite web interface to mailing list archives. ( 0%) - Write The Hook Book. ( 0%) - Read Social Blunders. ( 17%) - Read A Beautiful Mind. ( 1%) - Read On the Road. ( 10%) Backburnered, but reasonable TODOs: (in no specific order): - Hook up CVS to IcculusNews. - Figure out how to monitor exactly how much bandwidth we've used per month. - Hook up mailing list software to IcculusNews. - Hook up Bugzilla to IcculusNews. - Rewrite Toby's parser. - Finish writing Punk Ass Comedy. - Finish writing The Street. - Finish reading The Dragon Book. - Increase memory/swapspace. - Remove - Clean up room. - Clean up home dir. - Set up meldrew. - Get nerf updated for SSL support. - Put all the header/footer functions for in one PHP file. Blue sky: - Get Dreamcast Linux working. - SDL OS/2. - SDL LightPen/tablet support. - SDL MsgBox API. - Make BUILD Engine support OpenGL. - Fix the Linux Realtek drivers. - Write scratchware. - Physics engine. - BuildGL. - BuildX. - Get BUILD engine ready for Matt Saettler. - Get Duke3D/COMMIT net API implemented for modern platforms. - Get Duke3D sound API implemented for modern platforms. - Beat Zork III. I will someday, I swear. --ryan. ( ( icon goes here)

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