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  --The McManagement.

Currently Active Projects: (This is in no particular order)
- The open source incubator. - SDL_sound. - PhysicsFS. - The Build Engine. - Toby. - Serious Sam. - IcculusFinger. I have projects on (some are even mine) that are already abandoned. I will have to figure out what to do with them. If you want to peek around, look at The CVS tree.
Serious Sam:
Yes, I'm porting it. No, there's no timeframe right now. Email me with questions, and I'll start a FAQ or something. Current Status: Clipping problems...clipping problem...clipping problems... Those old Screenies. Keep me and going. --ryan. (And here's the FAQ...) Q: Did you sign an NDA with Croteam? A: Yes. Q: So you work for Croteam? A: No. I work WITH them. I'm sort of like a licensee of the Serious Engine that isn't making a game. Q: Is Croteam paying you? A: No. Q: Are you pissed that they aren't paying you? A: No. Q: Then why are you doing this? A: Because I like the game. Because it looks good on a resume. Because I enjoy this sort of thing. Because I have the luxury of being able to take the time to do this at this point in my life. Because if the Serious Engine is portable to Linux, it becomes more likely that Serious licensees will do Linux ports of their games, too. Q: Are you getting any support from Croteam? A: They are VERY responsive. They are definitely my favorite gameshop in terms of flexibility and friendliness, especially when you consider that the average interaction with the porter is bad news: "I need to touch every file in the engine" or "let me ask you a stupid question" ... They have been very patient. :) Q: Will there be an Alpha port? A: Short answer: no. Long answer: I don't have an Alpha-based machine, and the exact details of distribution haven't been hashed out, but binaries for everything and their mother's computer is not high on my list. Plus, baby steps: I want to get this thing running on Intel Linux before I even dream of other CPUs. Q: How about a BeOS port? A: No. Q: Is The Second Encounter going to work with this? A: Uh...Presumably the engine is still compatible, but my initial goal is to get The First Encounter running. Stay tuned. Q: We're talking about a dedicated server, right? A: Dedicated server AND graphical game client. Q: What about the Serious Editor and other tools? A: Haven't looked at them. If they are reasonable to port, I'll port them. The server and client are top priority. Q: Can I be on the beta team? A: I don't know how we're handling a beta yet. If there's a public beta, and I'm running it, I'll put out a call for beta testers later. Q: Is someone going to sell a Linux-specific version, or will there be free binaries for download when purchasing the retail CD? A: I can't say with certainty right now. I don't think there will be a retail Linux version (unless Loki or some other publisher wants to make Croteam an offer, I guess). might be a good place to inquire, but I wouldn't offer to sell a game port that isn't ported yet. :) Q: Is your todo list where it says you're 6% done accurate? A: No, but I don't want people to think it's really close and hit a major setback.
My never ending TODO list:
TODO somewhat immediately: (in no specific order): - Rewrite IcculusNews. - See about better mailing list software? - Upgrade to awstats 3. - Make the logs rotate automatically. - Hook up CVS to IcculusNews. - Figure out how to monitor exactly how much bandwidth we've used per month. - Hook up mailing list software to IcculusNews. - Hook up Bugzilla to IcculusNews. - Dance naked in Times Square. - Rewrite Toby's parser. - Figure out about classes for next semester. - Finish writing Punk Ass Comedy. - Finish writing The Street. - Finish reading The Dragon Book. - MBOX support in PhysicsFS. - Upgrade Apache? - Upgrade kernel? - Increase memory/swapspace. - Remove - Get police report so someone else can pay for the new car mirror. - Clean up room. - Clean up home dir. - Set up meldrew. - Deal with TF and Synthmail source bases. - Get nerf updated for SSL support. - Unleash on the unsuspecting world. TODO over time: - Port Serious Sam. ( 7%) - Get BUILD engine ready for Matt Saettler. ( 98%) - Get Duke3D sound API implemented for modern platforms. ( 93%) - Get Duke3D/COMMIT net API implemented for modern platforms. ( 0%) - SDL_sound library I've been threatening to do. ( 60%) - SDL_mixer rewrite, using non-existant SDL_sound library. ( 0%) - Toby rewrite #4. Way overdue. ( 20%) - Documentation for Toby. YEARS overdue. ( 0%) Blue sky: - Get Dreamcast Linux working. - Write scratchware. - Find a copy of Symphony of the Night. - Physics engine. - BuildX. - Beat Zork III. I will someday, I swear. --ryan. ( ( icon goes here)

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